jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

Asian mail... THANK U HUGO!

Este es una entrada ~edición especial~ porque va en inglés; recientemente un amigo de Singapur me envión un paquete, el se llama Hugo (sí ya sé que no tiene nombre de chinito pero no es mi culpaaa jaja) yo también había decidido enviarle algo pero él me ganó >.<... estan son las fotos, y las quería compartir con todos, no me esperaba lo que me envió y en realidad quedé shockeado. Así que como dije esta entrada va en inglés por esta ocasión.

Hello there, Hugo I've said it before but I will say it again... Seriously, THANK YOU, for this, I mean you didn't have to and it was more than I would have expected, so Thank you!, I promise you will love me package as well, it will have some cool surprises I hope you really enjoy it.
(is yellow like you lol)

So, this is what I got... first of all I got 2 envelopes, they arrived last friday around 11:am and I actually was talking to Hugo, on msn it was a good surprise, although I kinda expected it since it was friday and my packages always (or most of the time) arrrives on fridays.
The doorbell rang and I actually ran downstairs, cause I've seen truh the window the mailman already, so I opened the door and there it was... one big yellow envelope and the white one (which I didn't know hugo had sent it). After thanking the mailman and going upstairs, I was kinda exiceted about the package... I mentioned to Hugo on msn and he got excited as well. first I didn't wanted to open the envelopes before I took some pictures fo them.

So I opened them and he first thing I got was this nice smell of fart (HAHAHHA nah j/k LOL!), this nice smell of fruits?... and I asked hugo.. why does it smells like fruits? and he's like.."you just pull out the things from inside" and so I did and this is was the first thing I saw:
OMG... it was ayumi... this cool pamphlet with pictures of the LUMIX cameras inside and just that nice cover picture of ayu (that picture I must say is one of my favorites). Then the next thing I saw was the morning musume picture, it was a cute addition to the package, that generation is one of the best ones ever (possibly the best) it has all me favorites except for mari-chan. And so.. lol then the next thing I saw was a FREAKIN' AYU PHONESTRAP OMG O_O, I've aaalways dreamt about buying one, I even tried buying the RAINBOW one from ebay but in the end it was a complete waist of time and money... so, the point is that I thought I was destined to not own me very phonestrap, 'till.. well... hugo came along.

Something cool about the phonestrap is that from ayu's ARENA TOUR 2002, I almost didn't use it! is too precious! but in the end I did and it's on me cellphone! lol.

Then, on the back of the pamplhet there was this singaporean newspaper I asked for to hugo long time ago... it talks about ayumi... some nasty comments and lies on her!... not worth mentioning! lol. Another funny thing about the newspaper is that it looks like mexican newspapers is really weird lol, but it's all in english.
(si quieren leer lo que dice el artículo visiten este link ChinaDaily)

And finally I found the source of the smell of "fruits"... it was some japanese candy hugo had sent, i'ts called RAMUNE and it tastes really good!.. it has this acid flavor and it's also effervescent and it tastes funny in your mouth... good funny! lol.
So that's it!... got also on the white envelope a friendship wristband! (jijiji) it was cool... thanks hugo! I wear it proudly!

So Hugo expect you package real soon I promise you will fancy it a lot, and thanks for being me friend and for listening and for the good and bad times... this will only prepare us for the future, I know I've found not only a good person in you but also a real friend as well, and don't forget you have a friend in me and you can always count on me.